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KLL's Corner

This is my fandom blog. For my inner fangirl self.

29 August 1989
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I consider myself to be a relatively average American teenager... with this being my not so average interest/hobby. I'm from Va, USA and currently attending a small baptist university in Tennessee. I'm currently a chemistry major intending to apply to a pharmacy school.

my JE conversion
The foundation for my JE conversion was laid through manga. When the first volume of Hana Kimi hit the shelves of Barnes and Noble I fell in love and religiously awaited each bimonthly volume for the next four years. Shortly after its conclusion, I came across its jdrama and fell in love with Ikuta Toma's portrayal of Nakatsu. Toma is thereby responsible for dragging me into the world of JE. Through him I discovered 4tops, then Yamapi, then NewS. I later discovered Arashi via MatsuJun and Hana Yori Dango. My casual network of interests has been evolving ever since.

my favorites
I'm not really your fangirl type-- but I've been sucked into this fandom anyway. At first, Toma was the only one able to excite the inner fangirl I never knew existed. But now, after watching the Pacific Concert DVD and Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD, I've fallen for NewS as well. (With Kato Shigeaki being my favorite member).

I also have Arashi and KAT-TUN on my ipod, but those interests are more casual and not nearly to the fandom level of the others.

Fan Art
I'm a digital artist and I love drawing chibis. I have to admit that I really enjoy making the artists of JE my muses whenever I have the time.

Sometimes I pretend I have graphic skills and make wallies and banners. But I can make basic gifs fairly easily. This is a new artistic area for me, but hopefully I'll continue to improve

I'm a photoshop nerd and I really love doing these~ I've done a few for TFS, but since I can't translate I can't do one by myself. So if there's ever a translator/group out there interested in turning their magazine translations into scanlations, let me know.

I don't have time for the moment, but I plan on filling this section in with request information.

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